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Online Course Support - Getting Started

Your guide to online classes!

What accounts do I need for my class?

There are two accounts that you will need for your class, FirstClass and Mainestreet/UNET.

You will need to activate your Mainestreet/UNET account first before you activate your FirstClass Account.

To activate your Mainestreet/UNET account, please go to this site:

(Note that if you have been using, Mainestreet or Blackboard system, then your UNET account is ACTIVE, and you can skip this section to page 2).

The University would have given your 7-digit student ID number (MaineStreet ID) and activation key to you.  If you do not know this information, please contact CED Tech Help.


After completing the activation of your Mainestreet/UNET account, please write it down, as you will need it to activate your FirstClass account.

Your UNET account is the same accounts as MaineStreet, Blackboard and email.


To activate your FirstClass account, please go to this site:

The login for the FirstClass activation website is the username and password for your Mainestreet account.

After activation of your FirstClass account, please write down your usernamepassword, and email address for FirstClass.

The login for the FirstClass activation website is the username and password for your Mainestreet/UNET account.

Once you are logged in, you will need to accept a user agreement for the account, and set a password for your FirstClass account.

After activation of your FirstClass account, the site will give you the username for your FirstClass account, which is DIFFERENT from your Mainestreet/UNET username. Please write down your username, password, and email address for FirstClass.

Your Mainestreet/UNET account has an associated email address ( that the University will use to send you important information (such as billing and student records). For the UMaine Orono Students, we HIGHLY recommend that you forward your email to your FirstClass email:

To forward your email account, please go to this site:

You will login with your UNET account that you activated earlier.  Select “Forward to the following address(es)” and type in your FirstClass email address in the box.


How do I attend and communicate with my class?


FirstClass is UMaine’s official communications system which provides ALL students with the ability to effectively communicate and share valuable resources and information via email, conferencing (public, private or courses), directories, individual and shared calendars and online chats.  Not only will you use this for email but also if your class utilizes FirstClass, it will host your lessons and assignments for your class.  You can download and install it by going to:

Logon Information:

Everything that you need to logon is included on your account information page that you previously printed. The format of this login is usually “lastname + first_initial,+ middle_initial + #”.  Example: John A. Doe’s username may be “doeja5”.  If you have lost or have not received this account then you should contact us right away using the information at the bottom of this page.  (If you have been using your FirstClass account for more than 120 days, then you might need to reactivate your FirstClass account again.)



Some classes use online class tool called Blackboard to host class information and/or to take tests/quizzes.  You can access Blackboard by going to:

Logon Information:

This information would be in a letter from UNET.  It is the same as your Mainestreet, email and UMS account.  It is usually your firstname.lastname (ex. john.doe).  If you have lost or have not received this account information then you should contact us right away.


Mainestreet IconBlackboard Support Information 

Is there anything else I might need for my online class?

There are a few things that FirstClass and Blackboard need to work. The programs are free and can be downloaded online and then installed onto your computer(s).

Apple QuickTime Player
Flash Player
Adobe Reader

How do I use FirstClass?

Logging In
Locate and open the FirstClass Client software on the computer that you are using.  Once the application loads, and the login window appears, please enter your User ID and password as it has been assigned to you.  Click on the “Login” button.

Here is the detail guide on how to use FirstClass.

Who do I contact if I have technical problems?

CED Technical Support Services
Toll Free: 1-877-947-4357
Local: (207) 581-4591

Our office hours are:
8am to 4:30pm (M-F) (Summer & Breaks)
8am to 7pm (M-TH) & 8am to 5pm (F) (Fall & Spring)
* Limited Email Support Nights, Weekends, School Breaks & Holidays

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