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Graduate Certificates - Education Data Specialist

The national initiative for accountability in public education and the movement toward standards based education have in common a reliance on data to inform educational decision-making.  State and federal regulations have required testing programs that are providing schools with large amounts of data related to student achievement.  These same regulations demand schools use these data to improve instruction.  As a result, educational leaders face a significant challenge in interpreting and using data effectively. This four-course certificate sequence is a direct response to this national call for the increased use of data in schools, and will provide participants with the skills needed to effectively and accurately use educational data.


  • Students will accurately interpret the results from large scale and local assessments of student achievement for the purpose of communicating with the public, improving instruction, and informing the design of curriculum.
  • Students will gain skills in combining longitudinal data and performing analyses to detect changes in student learning, and identify areas in need of instructional remediation.
  • Students will become educated and informed consumers of all types of educational data and learn to accurately use that information as part of data-driven decision-making.

For more information, download the brochure 2012 Education Data Specialist, or contact Brian Doore at 581-2370

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